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Shenzhen Mingxue Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

LED tape lights, rigid LED strips, under cabinet lights, LED spotlight bulbs, LED packages

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    Building 4, Baodazhou Block, Shancheng Industrial Village Shixin Community,Shiyan Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China
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Company Profile
Mingxue Optoelectronics has a long-standing presence in the LED lighting industry. Building on its expertise and experience, Mingxue Optoelectronics has pioneered many innovations in LED lighting, fastest growing segment of the light industry today. Since its incorporation in 2005, the company has distinguished itself with a cutting edge portfolio of innovative products and value oriented lighting solutions. Throughout the past decade, its deep rooted core value of exceptional engineering expertise and innovative manufacturing practices has led to significant organic growth in the dynamically changing global LED marketplace.

The superior line-up of Mingxue LED products includes LED strips, LED linear lights, under cabinet lights, LED spotlight bulbs and packaged LEDs. Its flexible LED linear strips consists of 80+ models of standard, forward facing, fully sealed, diffused, and side emitting versions. These flexible linear light ribbons are designed to simplify the challenges of illuminating confined or restrictive spaces by conforming to straight, curved and irregular architectural coves, bannisters, recesses, and other structures. Mingxue low profile rigid strips constructed from aluminum extrusions with a plastic lens cover are perfect for lighting up display cases and countertop surfaces underneath cabinets. Mingxue is also an established manufacturer of DIP, SMD and piranha LEDs for signage lighting, signal indication and vehicle lighting applications.

Mingxue prides itself on being dedicated to setting the standard for excellence in every aspect of its business. The company has been specified and trusted by some of most prestigious corporate customers in the world for superior quality products, competitive manufacturing cost, fast turnaround times and its vast range of customization services. Mingxue Optoelectronics is fully equipped to offer a host of in-house design, engineering and manufacturing services. The company drives consistent value through continuous improvement in manufacturing infrastructure and adherence to rigorous quality control standards.
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